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Sports Performance

Including specific training modalities into your training regime has been shown to enhance your sporting performance.

In endurance running, research investigating strength training & plyometrics has improved running economy & 3-5k time by 2-5%.  That’s up to 60s off your 5k if you’ve run a 20min personal best!

Below are examples of the types of training interventions that can improve your sporting performance:

Agility, Speed & Quickness
Strength & Power
Sport Specific Drills

Programme Design

Includes a bespoke programme designed specifically to achieve the goals you desire.  This service is for those who want to take ownership over their training & follow detailed directions & varying exercises.

This may includes:

  • Strength training for sport performance
  • Injury resilience programme
  • Hypertrophy for sport or aesthetics
  • Holistic health & wellbeing
  • Weight loss

The programme is designed having had an indepth initial assessment.  Our belief is that in order for you to get the best from the programme, you must fully understand it.  We specify a review session to explain it.

Initial Assessment

 For us to fully understand your individual situation, our initial assessment is indepth and includes the below sections.

  • History taken of training, sporting & injury
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Logistics of implementing training
  • Movement assessment
  • Testing (Strength, endurance, speed, & more where applicable)
  • Summary of assessment

Injury Resilience

Whether you are returning from a serious injury or a recurrent niggle keeps you from training, we can help.

Through our rigorous initial assessment and expert eye, we can help to identify deficits & imbalances that may be leading to an increased risk of injury.

Research into strength training & sporting injuries has been shown to reduce overuse injuries by 50% & 33% in acute injuries.

Injuries can plague your training and therefore progress.  It is one of our big beliefs that if we can keep you injury free, you will be able to be consistent with training and this can only lead to progress.

Youth Sport

When working with young athletes it is our goal to instill the foundations of movement, discipline and robustness.  Creating an individual who is able to decide on the right course of action because the physical, mental & tactical qualities enable them to.

During growth, the body goes through many different physiological adaptations and our indepth understanding of these processes enables us to develop a programme suited to each individual, organisation or team we work with.

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If you are a club looking for guidance, advice or someone to help develop your teams physical development, we can help.

We are able to conduct sports performance, injury resilience, testing & monitoring from small to large groups of people.

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Online Coaching

All aspects of our individual training service is available online.

We have found great results with those that have taken to the remote service, especially during the recent lockdown.

If you would like to use one of the above services in the comfort of your home, then please book a session with information specifying online.

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