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At Optimal Strength our philosophy encompasses optimising your training to you. Every individual is different and thus requires a different approach. Our training methods are centred around 3 key aspects; the science, the art & the individual as represented in our logo.

Through respecting the science of key physiological training principles, through years of developing our coaching eye & craft and through listening, caring & understanding each individual can we help you achieve your ambitions.

Our Head Coach, James Phillips, has built this mission around years of experience working within some of the best sports clubs, companies & institutes in the UK.

We believe that intelligent training should be available for all sports men & women of all ages, of all levels and we are here to offer it to you.

James Phillips MSc, CSCS

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach


I just want to say that I always appreciate the dedication & care that you give to me as well as your other clients.” 

Connie Tram Ironman Athlete


“James is extremely knowledgeable and has an eye for detail.  I came in after two very frustrating years of trying to rehabilitate back from a serious knee injury.  I’m now pretty much back to my previous level of activity and it’s all thanks to James.”

Larry Adeyemi Football Player


“I progressed from running the occasional 10k to marathon and now ultra marathon distance, and would not have been able to do this without the support, advice & training provided by James”

Steven Harris Ultra-marathon runner


Full history taken. Movement analysis, strength, power, fitness, flexibility testing.  Discussion of findings, goal setting & advice on future interventions.


We will then work on a detailed individual programme which we will take you through for you to implement or for us to follow.  Time lengths of programmes will be discussed on an individual basis.


Now it’s your turn to put in the work.  This can be done under supervision (1:1 or remote) or by yourself.  We will always be on hand to help give feedback when needed.


A scheduled session assessing previous training or competition period.  Re-test qualities trained & discussion on the next training phase.

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